Can someone watch you through your phone?

The handy device you are using in your hands is a prime example of advancement in technology. Smartphones have become crucial for everyone because of their data-saving, communication, and remote data transfer features.

The advancement in technology has also changed the use of surveillance techniques. Nowadays, it is really easy for someone to breach your privacy and watch you through your phone camera. So it is pretty normal if you think you’re being watched through your phone because that is possible with spyware and programs available.

Let’s discuss below in the article how someone can watch you through your phone’s camera. You will also get to know about the signs of being watched and how you can protect yourself.

What Made It Possible To Watch You Through Your Phone

Breaking into your phone’s camera without your awareness has become very easy due to advanced spyware and programs. Spectators can easily gain access to your camera by installing these programs into your phone.

Some of these programs need physical access to your phone for installation. But now there are advanced programs available in the market that can be installed remotely over your phone’s network. Once installed, these softwares can access your front and back camera and breach your privacy.

Now the hacker can remotely take pictures and record videos through your camera without your consent. These programs automatically upload the captured content onto a cloud-based platform for remote access. They can also live broadcast your camera’s point of view with some advanced programs. That’s how your privacy can be breached with these advanced technologies without your awareness.

Signs Of Surveillance

You may have a suspicion that you are being watched but you don’t know how to be sure about it. In this situation, noticing these few things will help you check if you are a victim of surveillance.

Check Apps Data-Battery Usage And Camera’s Permission

This spyware needs to run all the time on your phone to capture your camera which affects the device’s battery performance and data usage. You can check the battery and data usage of applications by going to the battery and cellular data or wifi usage on your phone’s settings. Check if there is an unknown app using these resources secretly.

It is important to check if an application you aren’t aware of has access to your camera because it can be a spyware program. You can check the access of different programs to your camera in the camera’s permission settings. Look if there is an unknown app asking for camera access.

Notice The Behaviour Of Camera Or Camera Light

You may notice the odd behavior of your camera which can be due to secret access to the camera. If your camera is turning automatically saying it is already in use when you open it and crashing automatically, then it might be because of spyware or other programs. But it can also happen due to faulty camera application so you need to consider indications too.

Also, check for the camera indicator light in the status bar indicating the use of the camera when it should be off. This may also be due to spyware programs.

Check For Video Call Quality And Unknown Sounds

Surveillance through you can affect your video call quality. However, it can also be due to some other factors such as bad wifi or malfunctioning hardware. But if you are sure that these factors aren’t affecting your quality, then it can be due to spyware programs.

Also, check out for weird noises when calling such as camera shutter, clicking, or echoes. These sounds also indicate that someone is listening or watching your call.

Use A Spyware Detector

The most effective way to detect spyware programs is by using a spyware detector. You can easily install this software and scan your phone in real-time. Spyware detector will detect spyware programs or files in your phone and remove them immediately, saving your privacy.

Safety Precautions

Following are the safety measures you can take to protect your phone’s camera from being spied on.

Updating Your OS

You need to regularly update your phone’s OS and Applications. It is easier to break into outdated OS and applications to access your camera. Regularly updating will enhance your phone’s protection and security. You can also use auto-update to stay up-to-date.

Using Strong Password

Use a strong password of at least 8 characters on your phone. Having a strong password will prevent unauthorized access to your mobile phone and prevent the installation of malware.

Attentively Giving Permissions

Giving access to applications blindly can lead to unauthorized access to your camera. Always read the permission dialogue attentively before allowing it. Only allow those permissions that are crucial for the proper functionality of your application.

Cover Your Camera

You can also consider covering your phone camera to block your camera’s vision even if you are being spied on using the most advanced program. Many phone covers give slider protection for your camera so you can block your camera when you aren’t using it.

Regularly Checking Your Phone

Make a habit of regularly checking your phone’s media for unknown media you aren’t aware of. Also, check for the signs mentioned above regularly after some time to ensure your privacy.

What To Do If You Are Being Watched?

If you find out that you are being watched by noticing most of these signs on your phone, there is no need to worry about it. You can protect your phone by factory resetting it. Also, consider using reputable spyware detectors to remove spyware on your mobile phone.


So the answer to the question “Can someone watch you through your phone?” is yes, it is possible to spy on you through your phone camera but you can detect such spyware by noticing the above-mentioned indications. You can also further protect your phone by following these safety precautions. You can visit TN Bug Sweeps for more information about surveillance protection.