Is there an app that detects listening?

Your main equipment when you are detecting surveillance devices on your own is your mobile phone. Your mobile is equipped with features and sensors that are needed to detect these surveillance devices. However, you may face a few complications when detecting listening devices other than hidden cameras. There are still some apps available that may […]

How Do You Scan a Room for Electronic Bugs – Techniques and Tips

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Have you recently faced security threats within your home and have no idea how to figure out the situation? Are you wondering how to scan a room for electronic bugs just to be on the safe side? If you feel that your room has been bugged, then it is important to check it out as […]

How do you know if your house has been marked?

Do you have a recent burglary activity in your neighborhood and you feel that you are the next target? Are you looking for signs that can determine that you are in a burglar’s sight? Burglars and intruders always try to prepare themselves according to your home’s security before breaking in to minimize their chances of […]

How do you know if there is a Hidden Microphone – Learning to Protect Your Privacy 

Do you suspect that somebody has used hidden microphones to tap into your walls? No one likes being under surveillance, thus, instead of going through the whole troublesome detection process, you can employ the following simple yet effective steps to identify spy gear.  Identifying these microphones is an important measure for ensuring the confidentiality of […]

How do you know if someone is watching you in your house?

You may notice people having information about your indoor private activities they shouldn’t have. This situation can compel you to think if someone is secretly watching you. However,  this suspect of yours isn’t baseless because it is possible to secretly keep an eye on you without your awareness. Advanced hidden cameras have made surveillance of […]

How Do You Find a Pinhole Camera – Understanding the Required Basics 

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In times of advanced technology and grave digital privacy issues, competitive surveillance devices of this kind are a threat to most people. It is one of them that the pinhole camera highlights as an instrument that can be both almost invisible and invasive at the same time. The crucial factor in detecting a miniature spy […]

How Do I Know If My House Is Under Surveillance – Detecting Surveillance at Home

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In the present world of interconnection, privacy and surveillance issues have consequently emerged as leading concerns. Surveillance is defined as tracking activities, behavior, or data to manipulate, maneuver, direct, or safeguard people. While there are legitimate usage purposes of surveillance, such as security or law enforcement, it can also invade privacy and individuals’ rights. The […]

How do I know if my cell phone has a bug?

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Are you worried about your data being stolen or tracked from your phone? Do you have a suspect of surveillance through your phone? Even though advanced phones have improved security systems, they still are vulnerable to different malware and viruses.  This possibility of your phone being attacked can raise a question in your brain “How […]

How do I block hidden listening devices?

Protecting your privacy has become a really difficult task in this era of advanced technology. Surveillance listening devices have evolved into smaller forms that can easily be hidden in your environment without your awareness. So your suspicion of their presence even after proper inspection is acceptable. Now your query is “How do I block hidden […]