How to Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phones?

Do you suspect someone is watching you through hidden cameras that have been installed somewhere in your home? If yes, it can be pretty dangerous for you.  Well, the Android phone can be a useful device for detecting different types of equipment.

Using the magnetometer or phone’s camera to detect the recording devices someone has inserted into your home or office is a start. You can also catch the presence of a hidden camera with the application of multiple apps that will help you locate surveillance cameras. Are you ready to identify the secret cameras?

It is undoubtedly dangerous whenever you think someone is spying on you. With updated technology and cutting-edge features, surveillance cameras have become relatively more accessible with your mobile phones.  Sounds impressive, right?

Using infrared lights and electromagnetic field detectors has become a simple process whenever you suspect someone is watching you. It’s a complete step-by-step process that you need to follow to find the hidden recording devices in your home or office.

Are you confused? Well, don’t worry, we have made it easier for you. We have mentioned the most obvious ways to help you detect the hidden cameras using Smartphones. Let’s get right into the details!

Most places at which you stay provide additional access to many local networks. Your Android and iPhone phones offer multiple features to help you detect hidden recording devices. It might look daunting but trust me, it’s an effortless process with the proper steps. Follow the steps below to get the most reliable ways to locate hidden cameras and recording devices in your home.

Open the mobile phone’s camera.

Locate the camera app on your Android or iPhone. These apps are generally on the Home Screen or the App Drawer on Android mobiles. You will have to open the camera and place it appropriately.

Switch the camera to front-face

Is the camera showing your face? If so, you can tap the screen using the rotate icon as it helps you flip the screen. If your phone features a rear camera, you won’t find this feature as these cameras come with infrared filters. Such cameras will not allow you to detect infrared lights. The camera should see infrared light to let the method work as desired.

Now verify that the mobile can detect infrared light

It’s necessary to determine whether the camera has an IR filter or not. You can find out using a TV remote. Yes! It’s a simple and quick process. The following steps are necessary:

  • Point the TV remote towards the phone’s camera
  • Now press any button from your remote
  • Lastly, you will see a flash of light on the remote’s front

Turn off the lights in the area wherever you want to scan

If you want to scan infrared light, it’s necessary to make the area as dark as possible. People have other lights in the place, for example, lamps, and nightlights, you should unplug the sources. Keep in mind all lights should be off if you want to find hidden cameras or microphones in your area. We find hidden cameras in houses.

Use the mobile phone camera to search for flashing lights

Ensure that the mobile phone’s screen is facing you. Now rotate the camera and search for flashing spots. Have you spotted a flashing area? It’s likely to be a hidden recording device. That’s because the camera’s IR light becomes evident.

Use the mobile phone camera to search for flashing lights
Capture the moment with your phone’s camera, hunting for mesmerizing flashing lights wherever you go.

Detecting hidden camera lens

Every camera features lenses, and they reflect significant light. The most uncomplicated check to locate a hidden camera is closing the curtains and turning off the lights. Use the flashlight on your phone to find the reflections. Generally, the light should hit the lens at 90 degrees, reflecting, and you have to scan the entire room slowly. Look for different spots and note that the hidden camera can also be hidden inside a mirror.

Detecting Infrared Light from Hidden Cameras

Smartphone cameras come with a feature to find infrared lights. You can use infrared lights for multiple purposes, such as controlling many options remotely. Generally, you will find them in security cameras so they can work even in the dark. You can detect a hidden recording device through the lights it emits.

It is quite a simple process to look for when finding a hidden camera. The process is the same as turning off the lights and converting the phone’s camera to selfie mode. Check out the whole place, from the ceilings to the walls and even windows where you might expect any remote device.

Your Smartphone can also detect electromagnetic fields. Yes! That’s true! Your phone comes with an app for detecting magnetic fields. That’s because you should have an idea about where you are positioning the camera. What if it sees a strong field? That could represent a hidden recording device that’s been secretly installed within an object or wall.

Scanning Networks for Hidden Cameras

Whenever the hidden camera gets linked to the same Wi-Fi, even after getting complete access, a few Smartphone apps can help you detect it easily. The method is ideal for Airbnb as only a few devices are connected to its Wi-Fi network.

After getting connected to the Wi-Fi, you can use a network scanner available on your Android or iOS systems as both offer similar functioning. It can scan the network bringing a list of entire devices linked. You will find the name of every device with their model name and IP address, along with the icon telling you the type of device connecting.

Consider the name and model number of the devices you don’t remember. Many cameras are pretty obvious, consisting of the model names and manufacturer details. Some might be nondescript. If you find anything suspicious, take a closer look. It’s necessary to take down the IP addresses of the associated devices for future reference and device location.

Detecting hidden cameras basics

You will find multiple types of hidden cameras available both in capabilities and appearance. Some hidden cameras are more accessible to locate as per their capabilities. Generally, hidden cameras are available in three different varieties. Many cameras are designed specifically for home connections, so they have a wireless design. That’s because it makes the footage viewed available remotely, even outside the premises.

What about the other cameras? Well, many expensive models include a physical cable for making a connection to the network. A few cables also provide high-end power to the cameras. However, both can be detectable using different apps, either wireless or wired.

You will also come across multiple cameras featuring no internet capability. Such cameras come with analog systems that can easily record footage on SD cards or other storage options to collect video and audio. These cameras might not be detected using standard apps, but you can easily spot them during a physical inspection.

The Bottom Line

No one is comfortable with hidden cameras in the dressing rooms, offices, bedrooms, and bathrooms, right? These are the places where you definitely do not want a hidden camera watching you without your consent. You should be aware of these devices in advance. That’s because this video can be used against you, and you might be exploited or harassed by the footage. Are you searching for How to find hidden recording devices?

All this may seem overwhelming, but wait! With updated technology and new options available, you can now detect the hidden cameras using your Smartphone. Yes! You heard that right. You can also scan multiple networks from your mobile phones and check if someone is spying on you or not.

After getting through this article, you will know several new ways to find hidden recording devices with your Smartphone.