Is there an app that detects listening?

Is there an app that detects listening?

Your main equipment when you are detecting surveillance devices on your own is your mobile phone. Your mobile is equipped with features and sensors that are needed to detect these surveillance devices. However, you may face a few complications when detecting listening devices other than hidden cameras.

There are still some apps available that may assist you in finding hidden microphones using different sensors of your mobile phone. This will help you protect your privacy before any major loss. Let’s discuss the types of applications you can use when you are trying to sweep out hidden listening devices from your house.

RF Detector Apps

All hidden listening devices use radio signals to transfer recorded data to the installer. These signals travel in your environment. You can use these RF signals to detect and sweep out hidden listening devices. There are many RF detector apps available that use the phone’s inbuilt hardware to detect any unknown radio field.

RF detector apps indicate any unknown signal transmission it catches in the phone’s built-in sensors so you can inspect the area for hidden listening devices. You may need to turn off your other electronic devices for accurate results. There are many RF detectors available on the Play Store and App Store. Keep in mind to choose the detector with higher ratings.

Spectrum Analyzer Apps

Spectrum analyzer apps are mobile software available online that also work based on radio fields emitted by hidden listening devices. These applications allow you to visualize the strength of RF signals on your mobile phone detected by your phone’s sensors.

This visualization will help you point out irregular signals in different regions of your house. You can identify where the hidden listening device is present by analyzing these RF signals. You can also use this application in your physical inspection for an accurate and fast process. You can use applications like Spectroid and Sound Spectrum Pro

Sound Detection Apps

Is there an app that detects listening?

Hidden surveillance devices usually create weird noises such as clicking, buzzing, and fainting noises. These noises aren’t notable with your human ears. But you can leverage sound detection apps to track out these noises.

These applications aren’t specifically designed for the detection of listening devices. But they will not fail to help you during the process. Sound detection applications use the device’s microphone to detect different sounds. Whenever it detects any suspicious noise, it alerts the user with an alert. You can easily detect the presence of hidden microphones with these apps. You can use apps like Decibel X and Sound Meter & Noise Detector

Audio Recording Detection Apps

Audio Recording Detection Applications also have similar functionality to the sound detection apps using your phone’s mic. These applications are designed to inspect the sounds recorded and point out any noise or pattern that may lead you to the surveillance device.

It can inspect both saved recordings or the real-time sound of your microphone to point out fluctuating frequencies and electric signals that may lead you to the hidden device. You can use any Audio Recording Detection App available online with higher ratings.

Frequency Counter Apps

Frequency Counter Apps assist you in finding hidden microphones with the help of frequencies exerted by these hidden devices. These applications use phone’s sensors to detect the frequencies around your surroundings.

The frequencies exerted by these hidden devices usually have patterns different than the frequencies of your other electronic products. These applications inspect your surroundings for frequencies different than the usual environment.

This will lead you to the listening devices hidden in your house. You can use applications like Frequency Sound Generator and Audio Frequency Counter. These apps are also used to create frequencies but also allow you to count frequencies recorded by your phone’s microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I use my phone as a bug detector?

Yes, you can use your phone to detect bugs in your house. You can install different bug-detecting apps that detect hidden bugs using different factors such as RF signals and noise frequencies. You can also use your phone’s camera and flashlight during the physical inspection for a detailed checking process.

  1. Can police put listening devices in your home?

In most jurisdictions, police and law enforcement can put listening devices on your private property if they have a warrant, as a protection to your privacy. However, the need for a warrant may vary depending upon the circumstances such as the suspect of the crime or your jurisdiction.


These application types are the answer to your question “Is there an app that detects listening?”. You can use these applications in their supported way to sweep out the hidden bugs. Keep in mind to choose the application with higher ratings. You can also consider consulting an expert if you aren’t very familiar with these techniques. Visit TN Bug Sweeps for more information about bug sweeping and services with expertise.