Landlord Puts Hidden Camera Inside Bathroom

York County Landlord Places Hidden Camera Inside Bathroom

Hidden Cameras Invading Your Privacy?

Violations of privacy in our homes and businesses are becoming the norm in society. As a result, everyday news articles reveal another horror story of spying using hidden cameras. Imagine renting a room or an apartment and your landlord has hidden cameras in the bedrooms or bathrooms. Advancements in technology have shrunk the size and cost of covert surveillance devices. With prices as low as $20, hidden cameras are now available to the masses. Furthermore, this has caused a drastic increase in voyeurism and spying both residential and commercial.

Hidden camera inside the bathroom?

All types of people are utilizing hidden devices to watch, listen to, and follow others. The list includes family members, roommates, neighbors, landlords, strangers, maintenance personnel, and even co-workers just to name a few. Unfortunately, most people do not have the necessary training or equipment to locate these devices on their own.

When someone fears or suspects a device may be present, they should seek professional help, like The term for this type of search is a Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) sweep. A TSCM professional will conduct a physical and electronic search of an area utilizing sophisticated counter surveillance detection equipment. The minimum equipment needed for this type of sweep includes an RF Spectrum Analyzer, Thermal Imager and Non-Linear Junction Detector. Hidden devices powered on or off, transmitting or recording are located using this equipment.

If A Hidden Camera Is Located What Happens?

So, whether a device is found by an individual or a TSCM sweep professional, several options are available. A corporate espionage situation might lend itself to feeding disinformation to the person spying. Consequently, devices found in bathrooms and bedrooms should always be referred to the authorities for prosecution. Both instances are crimes in every State, but the property owner will make the final decision regarding prosecution. Similarly, a landlord planted a hidden camera in the towel rack of his tenant’s bathroom in York County, SC. Click here for the full story.

Therefore, contact today if you or someone you know feels they are the victim of hidden cameras or eavesdropping devices. We will find a hidden camera inside bathroom, bedroom, home or office.