Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?

Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?

The advancements in the availability of hidden cameras have made it easy for others to invade your privacy.  These hidden cameras can be placed anywhere in your surroundings. You can be seen anywhere whether you are visiting a hotel room, going to the changing room, or even in your own place set by an outsider. You need to look out for these hidden cameras to protect your privacy.

When you think about looking for hidden cameras, the first question raised in your brain might be “Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?”. The advancement in technology has also made smartphones able enough to assist you detect hidden cameras.

In the following article, we’ll discuss how these hidden cameras work. We’ll also talk about how you can use your mobile to detect such devices and limitations.

Working And Types Of Hidden Cameras

You must understand the appearance and workings of these hidden spies to catch them accordingly. These cameras are very small so they can hide anywhere in your environment without being noticed. These cameras can be hidden in your regular objects such as pens, clocks, and electric sockets to keep sight of you.

Different types of hidden cameras can be used to surpass your privacy. They can be wired, wireless, battery-operated, and motion detectors. These hidden cameras usually use wireless signals and electromagnetic fields to transfer recorded data without any physical means. These signals may depend upon wifi, Bluetooth, or radio frequencies (RF) around you.

Ways To Detect Cameras Using Cell Phone

Your smartphones are nowadays equipped with features that can help you find these hidden cameras. Following are the ways to look for hidden cameras with the help of your smartphone’s abilities.

Using Your Phone’s Camera

The easiest way to look for these hidden cameras is by using the phone’s built-in camera to detect their infrared light. Most of the cameras use infrared light to capture the recording even if your surroundings have low lighting. You can use your camera to capture that infrared light.

But firstly, you need to make sure your phone’s camera can detect infrared lights. You can use any working remote to check if your camera can detect it or not. Just place the remote in front of your camera and press any button on the remote. It will show infrared light on your phone’s camera that isn’t visible to the human eye.

Now that you are sure about your phone’s ability, you can place your phone to capture your surroundings and suspected areas. Your phone will capture the infrared light if there is any hidden camera in your surroundings.

Using Mobile Applications

There are many apps available on your mobile that can help you in finding hidden cameras in your surroundings. These apps use different sensors on your phone to detect hidden cameras.

These hidden camera detectors use your phone’s camera to analyze your surroundings. They also employ hardware features of your phone to detect wireless signals and electromagnetic fields emitted by hidden cameras.

Capture Disruption In Phone Networks

The hidden cameras can cause network disturbance due to wireless signals and electromagnetic fields emitted by them. You may feel some disturbance in your networks when standing in the region where hidden cameras are installed.

You can simply point out the presence of hidden cameras by making a loudspeaker phone call while standing in your suspected area. If there is a hidden camera installed, you will hear disruptive sounds in your phone calls. Then you can inspect the area for hidden cameras.

Checking Nearby Bluetooth And Wifi Networks

As mentioned above, the working of hidden cameras usually depends upon Bluetooth and Wifi networks. You use your phone’s Bluetooth and Wifi sensors to check if there are any unknown and suspicious signals available.

Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone and check for any unknown device available that you can not recognize. If there is any unknown device, search for those names on the Internet. Sometimes, hidden cameras hide their network details so you cannot find them with your network sensors. You can install a network scanner on your phone in this situation to capture the wireless network used by hidden cameras.

Physical Detection

One of the most reliable ways is to inspect the suspected region on your own. You can check places where there is a possibility of installation of hidden cameras. You can check smoke detectors, clocks, picture frames, and small gaps in the ceiling or walls for hidden cameras.

You also need to check mirrors in the environment using traditional fingertip inspection. You can use your mobile phone to capture high-quality pictures of the site for detailed insights. You can also use the light of your phone because the lens of the hidden camera will reflect the light, allowing you to capture its presence.


Inaccurate results: Your phone’s sensors can sometimes give false indications for cameras that can create confusion for you. The results of using mobile phones to capture electromagnetic fields and signals of hidden cameras can be inaccurate due to the presence of other signal-based devices.

Limited range: Your smartphone’s sensors and cameras may have limited range and capabilities for detection. This limitation can cause problems for you when trying to detect cameras in a congested environment.

Expertise: It may require your expertise and information about the technology of hidden cameras to detect them effectively. It can be difficult for you to detect accurately if you are new to this technology.

Ways To Detect Cameras Using Cell Phone


Depending too much on smartphones while inspecting can harm your accuracy. However, using sensors and capabilities of smartphones in these mentioned ways can help you effectively in looking for hidden cameras. You can get assistance from the smartphone in physical inspection to rapidly find hidden cameras in your suspected areas. You can also consult TN Bug Sweeps if you are still confused about your phone’s results.