How do you know if someone is watching you in your house?

How do you know if someone is watching you in your house?

You may notice people having information about your indoor private activities they shouldn’t have. This situation can compel you to think if someone is secretly watching you. However,  this suspect of yours isn’t baseless because it is possible to secretly keep an eye on you without your awareness.

Advanced hidden cameras have made surveillance of your privacy much easier than before. But before taking any step towards their removal, you first need to be sure that you’re being watched by noticing the signs of camera surveillance. Let’s discuss these signs and indications you may notice when you are being watched through hidden cameras.

Environmental Disturbance

Check your environment for any changes you haven’t made. The main purpose of using a hidden camera is to get a clear view of your house’s main areas. Notice those items in your environment that have clear sight to those areas. Check if there is any change to electricity outlets, smoke detectors, plants, and other regular items. People usually attempt to hide cameras in such ordinary items you don’t often check regularly

Unknown Wires

Hidden cameras also demand constant electricity to record your activities. So if there is a hidden camera in your house, it surely will be connected to an electricity outlet or a battery. Check if you notice any new wires in random places such as near electricity outlets and behind objects that you haven’t installed. These unknown wires can lead you to the hidden camera installed.

Wall base is the most commonly used hiding sport to hide extra wires. Check if you notice any unknown wire at the borders of the wall base. This will help you notice if there is any hidden camera installed.

How do you know if someone is watching you in your house?

Weird Reflections And Lights

Hidden cameras are small in size but they also have lenses from which they record footage. These cameras can reflect lights. So keep an eye on reflective surfaces such as mirrors or glass, especially in the main areas for reflections.

You may also notice very tiny red or blue blinking lights whenever you turn off the room’s lighting. This also indicates that your room or section may have a hidden camera.

Tiny Marks And Holes On Walls And Ceilings

The best position to install hidden cameras for a clear view is inside the walls and ceiling tiles. So check if you notice any damage or holes in your walls and ceiling you aren’t aware of. Even a hole smaller than a coin is enough for the hidden camera to record.

You may also notice suspicious wall or ceiling dust near these unknown holes and marks. Because the person installing the camera is usually in a hurry, they can forget about the dust exerted during the installation process.

Feeling The Presence Of Infrared Lights and Radio Field

The most major sign of surveillance is feeling the presence of Infrared Lights and Radio Fields in your environment. You cannot see IR with your bare eyes but you may feel the presence of tiny lights when you are taking photos or videos with your cameras.

Similarly, you may feel the presence of a hidden Radio Field as an interference when you are using your TV or radio or making a call. These signs of the presence of these waves also indicate that you may have a hidden camera exerting these frequencies.

Your Own Understanding

Sometimes you may feel that you are being watched in specific areas of your house. This feeling may also indicate the presence of a hidden eye in that region. Do not ignore your guts and try to investigate the reason behind this feeling of yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do you check if a house has hidden cameras?

You can check if your house has any hidden cameras by closely inspecting your environment for any sign of their presence. Check if there is any change made to your environment and usual objects you don’t often care about. Point out unknown or out-of-position wiring and check common hiding spots cameras can be hidden. You can also consider consulting a professional if your suspect isn’t cleared with self-inspection.

  1. How can I tell if I’m being watched?

You can look for indications such as unusual sounds and environmental changes and monitor suspicious activities indicating that you are being watched. You can also consult a professional for proper assistance with your suspect.


These common signs are an answer to your question “How do you know if someone is watching you in your house?”. If you notice some of these signs in your house and they do not have any other cause, then you need to start detecting the hidden camera installed. You can also consult professional companies like TN Bug Sweeps if you are confused about sweeping these cameras. They can leverage their expertise in debugging to keep your house free of hidden cameras.