How do you know if your house has been marked?

Do you have a recent burglary activity in your neighborhood and you feel that you are the next target? Are you looking for signs that can determine that you are in a burglar’s sight?

Burglars and intruders always try to prepare themselves according to your home’s security before breaking in to minimize their chances of getting caught. There are many traditional tricks they can play with you such as marking your house’s surroundings to inform their allies.

But how do you know if your house has been marked or burglars are inspecting your house? In the following article, We’ll discuss the signs that you are in burglar’s or intruder’s sight and what safety measures you should follow to fail their attempt.

Random Markings And Symbols

Noticing random marks on your property is the major indication that your house is in sight of burglars. You may not be their next target but they will attack your house whenever they feel it is positive. Burglars also use these marks to communicate facts about your property with their teammates. Such as your house’s vulnerability, burglary status, best time to attack, etc.

These markings can be anywhere such as your side door, external walls, or fencing. If you often encounter these marks, inform your security department immediately.

Outdoor And Indoor Surveillance Activity

Another major sign of your house being captured is random people appearing around your house or your block as joggers, walkers, paper boys, etc. It is really easy for you to determine who lives in your community and who’s a stranger. Burglars use these new people to do surveillance and analysis of your house so they can break in with a proper plan.

Burglars may also use surveillance devices if they feel high potential in your house. These devices will help them out with proper analysis of the security system and layout of your house. If you notice such surveillance activity within your house, keep in mind to consult professionals like TN Bug Sweeps to sweep out these devices immediately and break the sight of burglars.

Appearance Of Random Objects

Another major sign of being in the sight of burglars is noticing useless objects like small stones or coins randomly appearing around the property. Burglars usually place these objects near your doors and windows.

The main purpose behind placing these objects is to inform their teammates about their next target. If these objects remain the same as they have been placed, it means that the homeowner is away. Burglars use this trick to find the opportunity to break into your houses.

Noticing Random Flyers And Brouchers

The advertisement flyers and brochures placed by your doors and mailboxes aren’t always placed by the companies. Sometimes, burglars also use these flyers to mark your house. They place these flyers by your main door and in your mailbox as an indication to their teammates and allies.

These flyers remaining in the same place where they were placed by the burglars serve as a green light for them. It also indicates that the homeowner is away from the home. You can ask your neighbors to pick any flyer they see around your home while you’re away to confuse the burglars.

Random Car Parking Around Your House

It is normal for cars to be parked in the designated parking zone. But if you notice unknown cars parked outside your house or near your house repeatedly for a long period, then you need to keep your guard up. Because if it is a community member’s car, it would be parked in the designated parking.

You should note down the license plate of any unknown car you notice repeatedly parked near your house. You can use that as evidence of inspection if any attempt is made.

People Trying To Get In Your House With Radom Excuses

Yes, you should help others, but you don’t need to blindly trust any stranger asking for help. If it is your neighbor asking for assistance then you don’t need to worry about it. But any stranger asking to use your toilet or giving any other excuse can you the opportunity to inspect your house.

If you notice that frequently random people are knocking on your door, it might be burglars trying to analyze how they can enter your house and what to steal. It would be better to give a gentle excuse and not wide open your door for any stranger knocking.

Safety Measurements To Follow

Once you have noticed these signs, you’re the next target of the burglars. Follow the following safety precautions to protect your home before they succeed

Inform Legal Authorities

The best step you need to take is to inform law enforcement about the observations you just made and request enhanced security in your area. Burglars usually don’t target the area with dense security. This will keep them away from your house.

Keep Your Eyes Open

keep a sight of every stranger you notice roaming around your house continuously. If it is a vehicle acting suspiciously, note down the vehicle’s license number, make, and appearance as evidence.

Communicate With Your Neighbours

Build good relations with your neighbors and inform them about the situation so they also can keep an eye on strangers.

Remove Markings

Remove any mark you notice on your property. This will break the communication of burglars.

Install Security Cameras

Use high-quality security cameras with motion sensors to record the activities of strangers even when you are away.


Being a victim of burglary is a traumatic experience and you can’t undo it once it is done. So you need to be cautious before any serious loss is made. By understanding these signs, you can easily predict if you are in sight of burglars and do safety measurements to fail their intentions. Consider visiting TN Bug Sweeps in such a situation of surveillance to gain professional assistance in protecting your house.