How Do You Tell If a Wall Outlet is a Camera – A Comprehensive Guide

As the advancement of technology in today’s world has made it a lot easier for people to install hidden cameras, you need to find the camera at the right time. Do you want to know do you tell if a wall outlet is a camera due to the security and privacy issues that you are facing? Here are a few ways through which you can figure out whether a camera has been in your wall outlet or not.

Check for LED Lighting

Several hidden cameras are marked by LED lights which are visible when viewing from outside the room where the camera is installed. Turn off the lights in the room and observe one of the wall outlets closer to you. Check for any dim light bulbs inside the power socket that are not explained by anything else; these are a sign of a hidden camera. Furthermore, note that not all cameras may have IR LEDs, which are invisible to the human eye but can be detected using a mobile phone camera or other dedicated IR sensor.

Use a Camera Detector

Detection cameras that are capable of detecting hidden cameras and those even installed on electrical outlets are now being made and sold on the market. This type of detector does this by searching for such RF signals that will be emitted by the cameras that are wireless. Only one operation is required – to activate the detector and slowly move it around the outlet. If it values any RF signs showing a hidden camera, it won’t simply talk or give you a visual alert. On the bright side, they are also equally efficient in incapacitating covered devices except those that are not actively transmitting signals.

Thermal Imaging

A third developed technique to locate the cameras is to use thermal imaging technology. Heat, which is produced by the camera and the thermal imaging devices, can transmit a heat signature, which can be subsequently detected. Apply a special camera, e.g. thermal imaging, or suitable smartphone attachment to the wall outlet and other places close to it. In case of above-normal heat radiation from the socket, it can indicate there is a hidden camera inside the wall. Nevertheless, some other electrical devices besides it could generate heat too, so a thermal camera should be viewed along with other detection methods for earmarks.

Smartphone Apps

It is possible to get several smartphone applications that supposedly can be used to detect hidden cameras via smartphone cameras and detectors. These apps calculate angles of light reflection and look for ones that make sense if there is a hidden camera. However, you need to keep in mind that these apps might not always be accurate, so you should opt for other detection methods as well. If you’re not aware of other methods, it can always be a good idea to seek professional help, and for that, you can book our services at TN Bug Sweeps.

Check any Mirrors

Because mirrors are a classic thing to have opposite electrical outlets, they have a convenient feature to hide hidden cameras. Expand the mirror with the magnifier lens for bends made or dislocated angles. Look for little eyeglasses glare or uncommon objects behind the mirror that can be a camera indicator that it’s outside. This innovative and inexpensive approach is just as effective in providing additional vigilance and preventing any hidden surveillance instruments from being missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the ways to detect hidden cameras that might be sitting in wall outlets without the necessity of special devices?

The first step would be to see the actual outlet with your naked eyes, including tiny holes, lens-like items, or other irregularities. Make sure to search for LED indicator lights and pay attention to the buzzing or clicking sounds. Aside from that, you may use a smartphone app that uses light reflection to detect a camera that is not apparent.

Q2. What, if any, drawbacks can it have to do surveillance investigations on my own?

Otherwise, you must take good care of your own safety when trying to detect hidden cameras by yourself because of possible danger when you’re dealing with electrical tools. As a general rule, remember to switch off the power source before physically examining the wall outlet, as it can get you zapped. If you have the least idea whether or not it’s complex with electrical components or you suspect surveillance, then contacting a specialist or concerned authority will be the most appropriate step.

Q3. Can the video camera mounted inside a wall light switch only record video?

A surveillance camera encrypted as a power switch button can record and save both audio and video files. A comprehensive audio sweep of the vicinity by that waterway will also help discover such devices. In this case, any silent, non-visible operations, like having your eyes on you recording your actions while also listening to your speech, may be possible.


Getting to know how do you tell if a wall outlet is a camera requires hard work, so if you’re someone who isn’t experienced and has no idea how to deal with the situation, then it is best to hire professionals like us at TN Bug Sweeps to complete the job for you exactly how you want.